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Dear Traveler,

As of July 1, 2022, the rates stated on our website are no longer current. Due to the high fuel prices, we are also forced to raise our prices.

We advise you to contact us by e-mail or telephone for the current prices. We thank you for your understanding.


Times change and so do supply and demand.


Flexi Liner Schiphol taxi is an initiative of several taxi entrepreneurs. 

Because of cooperation, a large reach is created. With a bulk of taxi experience, we try to serve the customer even better and faster. This results in lower prices, lower operating costs and higher quality. 

With the Schiphol taxi we currently drive rides from the following provinces:Schiphol taxi Friesland,Schiphol taxi Groningen,Schiphol taxi Drenthe, Schipholtaxi Flevoland and Schipholtaxi Overijssel. Because the company works with multiple partners in these provinces, it offers us more opportunities to expand in the future.


Schiphol Taxi Noord schipholtaxi friesland schipholtaxi groningen schipholtaxi drenhe


Other airports


Do you want to be transferred to another airport? We do this too! We regularly drive to various airports in Germany and Belgium.

Private Taxi


You always drive directly to Schiphol. We do not drive combi transport.



We keep an eye on the arrival times. The driver will always wait if your flight is delayed at no extra cost!



Schipholtaxi  Overijssel

Rit Reserveren

Customer service


The Customer Service of Flexi Liner Schiphol Taxi Noord is happy to help you with your questions. We are available 24/7.

Flexi Liner Schiphol Taxi North


Phone: +31 6 33 444 538

Message received!

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